Participation in Hazitek program

Hazitek is an innovative program that seeks to encourage the active participation of companies in technological and sustainable development in the Basque Country. In this context, Estaños Matiena has stood out for its commitment to innovation and its proactive participation in this program.

Estaños Matiena, recognized for its experience in the metallurgy sector and its focus on environmental sustainability, has found in Hazitek an ideal platform to promote its research and development initiatives. The company has taken advantage of the resources and opportunities provided by the program to improve its production processes, reduce its environmental impact and strengthen its competitiveness in the market.

Thanks to its participation in Hazitek, Estaños Matiena has been able to collaborate with other organizations, research centers and universities, on projects that address key technological challenges in its industry. In addition, it has managed to access financing and specialized advice that has enhanced its capacity for innovation and adaptation to market changes.

In summary, Estaños Matiena’s participation in the Hazitek program is a clear example of how companies can take advantage of collaborative initiatives to drive innovation, sustainable development and economic growth in the region.

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