Estaños Matiena

Since it was founded over 30 years ago, Estaños Matiena , S.A. has evolved to the point where it has become a pioneer in the processes of separation and detinning of scrap copper and nickel alloys.

Our market covers customers and suppliers all over the world and we have the capacity to recycle 2,000 tons per month in our 8,000 square metre installations.

Our services range from the purchasing of tinned materials and their subsequent sale, tin-free, to the processing of these materials for our customers who get them back after they have been detinned.

From this detinning process we obtain, on the one hand, the base alloy practically devoid of tin and, on the other hand tin oxide.

The materials used in our detinning process come from the manufacture of strips in foundries and from the electrical and electronics industry, the result of which is common-or-garden connectors, fuses and capacitors.

Estaños Matiena , S.A. takes special care when it comes to respecting the environment: our recycling system is totally clean and well within the most demanding parameters in this field.

  C/ Idiáquez 9, 1º B
20004 Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)
T +34 943 311 211 · F +34 943 311 601
  Pol. Ind. Jose Mari Korta
Parcela 3 - 20750 ZUMAIA (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN
Aptdo. Correos nº 65
T +34 943 865 120
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